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Hi, I'm Max Saber

Director of Enterprise Applications and Development
Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Administration and Business
I'm a clinical informaticist and healthcare information system engineer with more than ten years of specialized experience with niche market electronic health record systems, system architecture, and clinical/technical project management. I'm typically best placed in a room to bridge knowledge gaps between clinical, technical, and administrative teams and translate needs, requirements, and expectations between the three groups. I have been awarded the Innovative Solutions Award in 2019 for implementing new clinical EHR technology in an academic setting while managing a diverse project team of clinical and non-clinical staff and faculty. Recently in recognition of various contributions to the field, I've received appointment as a Fellow of the American College of Health Data Management.
Additionally, I also hold adjunct faculty appointments inside the School of Healthcare Business and Technology, the School of Pharmacy, and the most recently the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene at MCPHS University. In these Schools, I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in data visualization, health informatics, human factor technology design, and statistical data analysis.
I received my Doctorate in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in Information Systems and Leadership from the Medical University of South Carolina where I worked with Dr. Kit Simpson, DrPH (chair), Dr. Annie Simpson, Ph.D., and Dr. Daniel Brinton, Ph.D.. My dissertation on expected medical events of falls, fractures, confusion, and delirium for patients taking Beers' Criteria medications was completed and successfully defended in November 2020.