Hi there, I'm Max!

Nice to meet you!

I received my BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences from MCPHS University in 2012 and my Master’s in Health Informatics from Northeastern University in May 2014. Currently, I am a doctoral candidate at the Medical University of South Carolina studying Healthcare Administration. In August 2019 I'm thrilled to say I have advanced into the doctoral project phase of my program and will be beginning research in patient safety and predicting future hospital admissions for vulnerable populations.

I'm a Systems Engineer at MCPHS University in the Information Services department. I am primarily responsible for managing the numerous healthcare information systems in use by the University along with a number of other business, academic, and administrative application used across the enterprise. While there is a long list of “other duties as assigned”, I enjoy my job through and through.

Twice per year I have the pleasure of teaching "Informatics and Data Analysis", a course in the Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Management program at MCPHS Online/MCPHS University. It's such an amazing experience to share my knowledge and passion about healthcare information systems with my students and to see them apply what they've learned to their future careers.

In what spare time I have left in the day and in the few rare moments I'm not glued to a computer screen, I’m an avid golfer and cyclist and I enjoy traveling out of the city, preferably somewhere with no cell reception. I also began sculling on the Charles River; while I am just a beginner in the eyes of most, it is certainly one of the most freeing experiences I could ever describe!



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