Director of Enterprise Applications & Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Business


Nov. 2020 — Sep. 2017
Doctorate in Healthcare Administration
Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
Dissertation: Risk of medical events for falls, fractures, confusion, and delirium for patients with filled prescriptions for drugs listed on Beers Criteria compared to well-matched controls.
Advisor: Dr. Kit Simpson, DrPH
Committee: Dr. Annie Simpson, Ph.D., Dr. Daniel Brinton, Ph.D.
College of Health Professions Dean's Award for Academic Excellence
Dissertation Project Page Dissertation Dissertation Presentation
May 2014 — Sep. 2012
Master of Science in Health Informatics
Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Thesis: Implementing a simulated electronic medical record system for undergraduate and graduate interprofessional healthcare education.
Thesis Project Page Thesis
May 2012 — Sep. 2008
Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Boston, MA
Independent Research: Employing Financial Data Validation Techniques to Achieve Meaningful Use Standards in a Certified EHR System.
Student Voice Award Emerging Leader Award


May 2024 — Present
Adjunct Faculty, Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene
MCPHS University, Boston, MA
Jan. 2019 — Present
Adjunct Professor, Healthcare Business, School of Healthcare Business and Technology
MCPHS University, Boston, MA
  • Developed 7 undergraduate, Master's, and Doctoral level courses in the areas of healthcare business, health informatics, data analysis and visualization, and statistical research methods,
  • Regularly evaluated assignment and course level assessment data in a year-over-year approach to ensure continued student success in meeting course outcomes and objectives,
  • Utilized a hands-on approach in all courses by integrating real-world tools such as, SPSS, Tableau, and SAS, as key course learning elements and objectives.
Jan. 2023 — May 2023
Adjunct Professor, Pharmaceutical Business & Administrative Sciences, School of Pharmacy
MCPHS University, Boston, MA
May 2014 — Dec. 2018
Adjunct Professor, Healthcare Administration, School of Healthcare Business and Technology
MCPHS University, Boston, MA
  • Developed and delivered a course titled 'Managing Healthcare Information Systems' as a core, required course in the Master of Healthcare Administration program with an average enrollment of 30 students per semester.
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May 2019 — Nov. 2020
Doctoral Researcher, Department of Healthcare Leadership and Management
Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
Mentor: Dr. Kit Simpson, DrPH
Research conducted focused on linking a set of selected side effects of Beers Criteria medications to their logically associated hospital admissions in community-dwelling elderly individuals aged 65 years and over.
May 2020 — Aug. 2020
Independent Doctoral Research (DHA.880), Department of Healthcare Leadership and Management
Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
Mentor: Dr. Mark Mellott, Ph.D.
Independent doctoral research focused on surveying commercially available, large market electronic health record (EHR) systems for their adverse event alerting and reporting capabilities with a specific focus on Beers' Criteria medications.
Jan. 2012 — Apr. 2012
Undergraduate Researcher, School of Pharmacy
MCPHS University, Boston, MA
Mentor: Josephine Babiarz, Esq.
Undergraduate independent research concentrated on how existing financial data validation models can be implemented for use within EHR systems to ensure the integrity of key patient data designated by Meaningful Use regulations. Drafted a manuscript titled 'Employing Financial Data Validation Techniques to Achieve Meaningful Use Standards in a Certified EHR System.'
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Apr. 2024 — Present
Director of Enterprise Applications and Development, Information Services
MCPHS University, Boston, MA
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  • Responsible for the development of application suites supporting the University, understanding their capabilities, limitations, and strategies
  • Contributes to the development of high-performance teams through rigorous goal setting, continuous process improvement, and mentorship
  • Lead team(s) of internal and external 3rd party resources performing design and development activities for university business
  • Collaborate with department leadership to develop annual budgets for enterprise application initiatives, including software licensing, development projects, and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Monitor and develop strategies for data management and integration throughout the transactional input systems and the analytical processes needed to support each business segment
  • Develop and execute test plans to ensure that a product or system meets the design specification, security, and other requirements
  • Partner with users to understand their business needs for information and opportunities for use of technology to improve their processes and help them meet their business objectives
Jan. 2016 — Apr. 2024
Systems Engineer II, Information Services
MCPHS University, Boston, MA
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  • During the acquisition and merger of the New England School of Acupuncture, lead the clinical and technological transition to a newly renovated $1m treatment center and specialty Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispensary
  • Directed the procurement of UnifiedPractice, a SaaS based acupuncture practice management and EMR system
  • Implemented axiUm Ascend, an academic-focused SaaS based dental practice management and EMR system, designed to advance student self and peer evaluation and align with best practice assessment strategies; found a >50% reduction in administrative overhead in student evaluation management
  • Implemented eClinicalWorks cloud EMR for MassMedline, a Massachusetts state funded program under the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and operating within the University
  • Executed the technical implementation of Cayuse IRB Protocol Management System to streamline the IRB submission, review, and approval processes for student and faculty research conducted at the University
  • Manage 7 niche electronic medical record systems operating in both live and simulated clinical environments
  • Authors all clinical and administrative training materials and documentation for EMR system implementation providing a consistent user experience during their onboarding
  • Provide “at-the-elbow” technical support to application end-users in an office and healthcare setting
  • Regularly manages multi-functional project teams consisting of other engineers and security analysts, programmers/developers, and end-users for the implementation of new business applications
  • Coordinate discussions with department and business stakeholders to evaluate current workflow processes and while identifying areas for optimization and redesigned opportunities
Aug. 2022 — Dec. 2023
Interim Learning Management Systems Administrator, Information Services
MCPHS University, Boston, MA
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  • Installed, tested, and implemented new releases, updates, patches and extensions for the learning management system as released by Blackboard
  • Created clear, concise, functional documentation for newly implemented features and Blackboard enhancements
  • Provided level-III technical support for the Blackboard LMS, including troubleshooting and resolving issues
  • Develop and deliver effective reports requested by various campus stakeholders
  • Manage LTI integrations/building blocks and assures upgrades for Blackboard Learn SaaS are validated on a regular and timely basis
  • Managed the test, staging, and production environments after any upgrades/enhancements while following documented change management processes
  • Maintained communication with appropriate audiences regarding status, activities and changes
  • Participate on the Blackboard Governance Committee as a technical stakeholder
  • Chair the Blackboard Governance Policy Subcommittee
Sep. 2020 — Dec. 2022
COVID-19 Data Scientist, COVID-19 Team
MCPHS University, Boston, MA
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  • Architected the University-wide COVID-19 testing and surveillance SQL relational database data warehouse while maintaining confidentiality under HIPAA and FERPA compliance requirements
  • Collaborated with clinical and administrative stakeholders to develop data governance policies surrounding the collection and retention of COVID-19 testing results, symptom reporting and check-in, and immunization data
  • Analyze clinical data using statistical analysis, reporting, and BI visualization tools such as SAS, SPSS, and Tableau
  • Leveraged predictive analytics and models to prepare monthly COVID-19 test and clinical staffing level forecasts
  • Decreased first-line data entry errors by 50% by redesigning data processing guidelines ensuring data quality
  • Built and maintains more than 100 customized data queries and solutions including Tableau report elements, dashboards, and data stories for university leadership
  • Continually evaluates clinical and business processes suggesting revisions to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Introduced a cloud-based telephony service decreasing average call time to answer to under 1 minute and voicemail to text functions to decrease average call return time to under 5 minutes during business hours
  • Principal Project Manager while implementing the CoVerified Campus application across 8,000 full-time University students, faculty, and staff members
  • Onboarded, trained, and oversees a team of 6 COVID-19 Operation Coordinators, contact tracers, and nurses
  • In partnership with the COVID-19 Committee Chair, regularly evaluated each of the university’s clinic operating plans ensuring compliance with clinical safety measures
  • Co-authored portions of the FlexPlan 2020 and the Return to Campus 2021 guide while participating on the Campus Operations subcommittee of the Recovery and Planning Task Force
  • Designed the COVID-19 testing schedules and protocols in accordance with local city boards of health, the Massachusetts and New Hampshire Departments of Public Health, and federal testing guidelines
May 2012 — Jan. 2016
Systems Support Specialist, Information Services
MCPHS University, Boston, MA
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  • Aided in managing a local and wide area infrastructure comprised of Cisco switches and routers, Palo Alto Firewalls, Meru wireless LAN equipment, and an integrated Avaya IP/Digital communications network
  • Administered VMware Horizon View virtual desktop infrastructure and virtualized server environments
  • General administration and management of different information systems, including regular software updates, programming, scripting, and reconfiguration of program modules, and SQL server and database maintenance
Sep. 2009 — May 2012
Evenings and Weekend Help Desk Manager, Information Services
MCPHS University, Boston, MA
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  • Managed a staff of 10 student employees and acted as an escalation point for all student and full-time technicians following critical issues to resolution
  • Developed the first Help Desk training seminar for new student employees, held annually
  • Authored the Student Employee Training Manual and Checklist to ensure student employees met training benchmarks in troubleshooting, first-call resolution practices, and escalation guides
  • Redesigned IT operations policies and procedures to streamline workflows while improving the quality of customer service and technical services delivered to end users
Jun. 2007 — Aug. 2008
Data Quality Analyst, Performance Evaluation and Improvement
Newport Hospital, Newport, RI
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  • Performed data entry and database management functions under the supervision of full-time consultants
  • Tracked and analyzed core measures in accordance with standards set by the Joint Commission (JCAHO)
  • Performed audits of patients' medical records for condition and treatment information to provide data for research, cost control, and care improvement efforts
  • Refined portions of the medication reconciliation process which later replicated through the hospital system
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MCPHS University
Graduate Studies
Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene
Summer 2024
Research Methodology & Statistics (DHY.714) →
Students will learn fundamental biostatistical and study design concepts routinely used in epidemiologic and clinical research, with a special emphasis on oral health research. Concepts will be reinforced through critical evaluation of peer-reviewed oral health research. Furthermore, basic data management, data analysis, interpretation and write up of results will be discussed. Training on using SPSS statistical software tools will be provided.
School of Healthcare Business and Technology
Spring 2022 - Spring 2024
Data Collection, Analysis, and Representation in Healthcare (HCM.828) →
This doctoral level course focused on data collection techniques, critical evaluation of data sources and datasets, and data visualization methods using various deidentified and synthetic research data sets. Students used SAS Foundation and SAS Enterprise Guide to learn statistical and data modeling techniques and SAS Visual Analytics Suite to construct visualizations and interactive dashboards.
Course Information Sample Syllabus
Spring 2019 - Spring 2024
Informatics & Data Analysis (HCM.820) →
This master's level course provides a hands-on approach to performing statistical data analyses on synthetic datasets to describe population characteristics, identify trends and associations, and how show data analytics are employed to answer real-world healthcare access and cost questions using SPSS. Students used Tableau during the course's data visualization modules building reports and interactive dashboards.
Course Information Sample Syllabus
Fall 2019 - Summer 2022
Business Statistics (HCM.722) →
This master's level course focuses on reinforcing the use of standard statistical methodologies in collecting, evaluating, and analyzing business and healthcare data. This course teaches students how tools like SPSS are used during the process of supporting managerial and organizational decision making.
Course Information Sample Syllabus
Summer 2014 - Summer 2018
Managing Healthcare Information Systems (HCA.780) →
This Masters level course examined the use, management, and integration of healthcare information systems and data quality standards in today’s healthcare environment. Emphasis was placed on the intersection of clinical information systems and the administrative functions of an Information Services department, IT service delivery, IT governance, data privacy and security, and organizational strategic planning.
Course Information Sample Syllabus
School of Pharmacy - Boston
Spring 2023
Statistical Programming Using SAS (PEP.809) →
This class is designed to give students the necessary tools to manipulate and/or restructure a certain dataset before it can be analyzed using one of the statistical procedures. This course is essential for database management. Students can use SAS to analyze data for their poster presentations, thesis projects, peer-reviewed journal articles, and job internships.
Course Information Sample Syllabus
Undergraduate Studies
School of Healthcare Business and Technology
Fall 2021
Data Visualization (BMI.410) →
This undergraduate-level course centers on the fundamental statistical and data analysis methods used in healthcare and health services research. Through this course, students are asked to analyze and interpret data while making informed business decisions based on the outcomes of their analyses. Students also were taught basic and intermediate data visualization techniques and best practices using Tableau’s interactive data visualization software.
Course Information Sample Syllabus
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Pedagogical Development

Full Course Design
Full course design entails developing all aspects of a new course including, but not limited to, syllabus design, course and unit objectives, instruction methods, course assignments, and assessment activities.
Fall 2022
Human Factors and Information Systems (HIN.773)
Spring 2022
Health Data Programming and Database Structure (HIN.720)
Health Data Security and Ethics (HIN.740)
Fall 2021
Data Collection, Analysis, and Representation in Healthcare (HCM.828)
Spring 2019
Clinical Informatics & Data Analysis (HCM.821)
Fall 2018
Informatics & Data Analysis (HCM.820)
Summer 2014
Managing Healthcare Information Systems (HCA.780)
Course Redesign
Course redesigns entails taking a course already developed by another instructor and updating course materials, assignments, and assessments to meet new or updated learning objectives.
Spring 2024
Research Methodology & Statistics (DHY.714)
Spring 2023
Statistical Programming using SAS (PEP.809)
Summer 2021
Data Visualization (BMI.410)
Summer 2019
Business Statistics (HCM.722)
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Risk of Medical Events for Falls, Fractures, Confusion, and Delirium for Patients with Filled Prescriptions for Drugs Listed on Beers Criteria Compared to Well-Matched Controls
Max Saber
Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Charleston, SC, 2020.
Project External PDF Slides BibTeX
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Invited Presentations

HITECH and Meaningful Use
Aug. 2021
MCPHS University, School of Physician Assistant Studies
Jun. 2020
MCPHS University, School of Physician Assistant Studies
Survey of Adverse Drug Alerting Capabilities for AGS Beers Criteria® Medications
Jun. 2019
Medical University of South Carolina
Examining the “July Effect” on the Prescribing of AGS Beers Criteria® Medications
Jun. 2019
Medical University of South Carolina
Information Technology and Electronic Health Record Systems
Mar. 2015
MCPHS University, School of Optometry
Information Services Lunch and Learn Series: Bradford Net Sentry
Aug. 2014
MCPHS University, Information Services
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Institutional Service
MCPHS University
Apr. 2022 — Present
Blackboard Ultra Pilot, Strategic Committee Member, and Pilot Participant
Feb. 2022 — Present
Blackboard Governance Committee, Member
Feb. 2022 — Present
Policy Development Subcommittee, Blackboard Governance Committee, Chair
Aug. 2022 — Oct. 2022
Color COVID-19 Testing Platform Implementation, Technical Lead
Jun. 2021 — Dec. 2021
WebPT EHR/Patient Management System Implementation, Technical Lead
Feb. 2021 — Aug. 2021
Cayuse IRB Ethics Management Implementation Committee, Technical Lead
Feb. 2021 — May 2021
COVID-19 Vaccine and Steering Committee, Member
Jul. 2020 — Jan. 2021
CoVerified/CareEvolve COVID-19 Management System Implementation, Technical Lead
Sep. 2020 — Dec. 2022
COVID-19 Response Team, Data Science Lead
Mar. 2020 — Dec. 2022
Campus Operations Subcommittee, Recovery and Planning Task Force, Member
Nov. 2019 — Dec. 2020
axiUm Ascend Implementation Committee, Project Manager
Aug. 2019 — Dec. 2020
PioneerRx Pharmacy Management Implementation, Project Manager
Feb. 2019 — Aug. 2019
EXAAT Occupational/Physical Therapy Implementation Committee
Feb. 2017 — Dec. 2017
ExamSoft Implementation Committee, Technical Lead
Jul. 2016 — Jun. 2020
UnifiedPractice Implementation Committee, Project Manager
Jul. 2014 — Jan. 2015
eClinicalWorks Implementation, Project Manager
Colleges of the Fenway
Oct. 2013 — Present
Consortium Network Administrators Committee, Member
Jan. 2016 — Aug. 2016
COF Cable Provider Selection Committee, Member
Elected Board Positions
Sep. 2013 — Aug. 2016
Secretary, Alumni Association Board of Directors, MCPHS University
Sep. 2013 — Aug. 2014
Secretary, Young Alumni Association Board of Directors, MCPHS University
Sep. 2012 — Sep. 2013
Board Member (appointed), Alumni Association Board of Directors, MCPHS University
Sep. 2012 — Aug. 2013
Board Member (appointed), Young Alumni Association Board of Directors, MCPHS University
Professional Memberships
2024 — Present
American College of Health Data Management (ACHDM)
2022 — Present
Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBIO)
2022 — Present
Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM)
2022 — Present
Out in Tech (OIT)
2021 — Present
Alpha Eta Society (AES)
2021 — Present
Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society (UPD)
2017 — Present
American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)
2017 — Present
LGBTQ Healthcare Leaders Community, American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)
2012 — Present
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
2013 — 2016
American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
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Professional Certifications and Licensures

Dec. 2020 — Dec. 2024
Notary Public (HH-69229)
State of Florida, Department of State
Feb. 2021 — Feb. 2022
Notary Signing Agent (160950750)
National Notary Association
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Continuing Education

Dec. 2023
Teaching LGBTQ+ Health, (Stanford University, Coursera)
Certificate Course Link
Dec. 2023
The National LGBTQ+ Curriculum, (OutCare | Med-IQ)
Certificate Course Link
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Honors and Awards

May 2021
Dean's Award for Academic Achievement
Medical University of South Carolina
Jul. 2020
The Legacy Society
Medical University of South Carolina
Jul. 2020
The Frank Palmer Speare Society
Northeastern University
Jul. 2020
The Pillar Society
MCPHS University
May 2019
Innovative Solutions Award
MCPHS University
May 2014
Superior Employee Quality Service Award
MCPHS University
Jun. 2008
Ralph A. Mollis Secretary of State Award for Civic Leadership
State of Rhode Island
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Feb. 2022
"Meet the MCPHS COVID-19 Team", p.5
The President's Newsletter | Issue 4, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Publication Weblink
Aug. 2016
"Role-Playing in the Innovation Economy", p.11
The Bulletin, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Publication Weblink
Mar. 2015
"Serving MCPHS with Absolute Committment", p.7
2014 Report on Giving, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
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Outreach and Public Engagement

2022 — present
OutCare Health, Indianapolis, IN
ST(EM) Mentor
2020 — 2021
Winter Park Pride Project, Winter Park, FL
2015 — 2019
Harbor to the Bay, Boston, MA
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Technology Skills

Cloud: Microsoft365 Administration, Microsoft Azure, Azure DevOps, Azure Storage Migration

Data Science & Analytics: Tableau/Tableau Prep, SAS Visual Analytics

Statistical Programming: SAS (Foundation and Enterprise Guide), SAS Viya, SAS OnDemand for Academics, SPSS, Stata

Web and Writing: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, LaTeX, Markdown, Jekyll, Git, GitHub Classroom

Healthcare Information Systems: eClinicalWorks EHR, Compulink Advantage, Optometry, Dentrix Enterprise, axiUm Ascend, Siemens Radiology Image Management System, Candelis Radiology Information Systems, RxGENESYS Pharmacy Management System, Laerdal Professional Simulation Manikin Systems, UnifiedPractice (Acupuncture/Chinese Herbal Medicine), Helioscripts (ePrescribing and Compounding Pharmacy Management)

Research Interests

Healthcare administration, health services research, patient safety and healthcare quality, cost and comparative effectiveness, social determinants of health, health issues and disparities in the LGBTQIA+ community, sexual orientation and gender identity data in EHR systems, creation and use of synthetically generated healthcare data


Max Saber
660 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115
[email protected]