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Website Stack, Part I: Foundation

Hi! Well now that I finally have the majority of this site done and complete, I want to pay the due respect and acknowledgements to all the corners of the web I used to put this all together. This will be a multi-part post because I already can tell my attention span isn’t going to cooperate in letting me do this in one swoop.

In the first of a three(?) part post, I’m going to discuss the foundational components of this site, where I found them, and why I happened to select a particular technology.

What did I use to make this site?

I’m not really sure if I should start from the bottom of the stack or the top of the stack but here it goes…

Credit first should be given to Fred Hohman whose site I came across while searching for some examples for CV and resume sites. I loved the simplicity and usability of his site and forked his repository to begin customizing the site as my own. His site was/is hosted using Github Pages but since I use CloudFlare as my domain registrar, I opted to use CloudFlare Pages to build and host my site – and better yet it’s free (at the time of this writing)! CloudFlare Pages is a JAMstack which in my opinion was nice and clean for hosting my CV site since I knew I wasn’t going to need anything overly fancy for this project. As I mentioned before, CloudFlare is my domain registrar, but I also leverage their DNS and Zero Trust Network Access services but more on that another time!

I’m not a web developer by any stretch of the imagination but I really enjoyed reverse engineering Fred’s site and making it my own.

I consider analytics a foundational component of a website and while there are a plenty of choices, CloudFlare Analytics included, I opted for Google Analytics only because I am familiar with it’s configuration and operation.

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