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Max Saber, DHA, MSHI

Charleston, SC

September 2017
Max Saber standing in front of a stone sign reading Medical University of South Carolina

Ah, my first trip to Charleston as a doctorate student at the Medical University of South Carolina!

Images from left to right, top to bottom: Max's new MUSC student ID; 5 Church restaurant facade; interior of 455 King restaurant; the daily handwritten menu from Chez Nous; harbor view from our hotel; a fort turned restaurant, California Dreaming; MUSC exterior sign; Max with the MUSC sign; our 35,000ft view over the clouds; Max and Dominic enjoying a few minutes alone at the end of the trip.

Max Saber is a healthcare information systems engineer at MCPHS University with a passion for new and developing healthcare technology. Posts made on this blog are his own personal opinions, and do not reflect the opinions of MCPHS University, or any other organization he is affiliated with.