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Max Saber, DHA, MSHI

Implementing a Simulated Electronic Medical Record System for Undergraduate and Graduate Interprofessional Healthcare Education.

Northeastern University, 2014


The traditional standard of educating healthcare professionals separate from one another is no longer conducive to the nature of healthcare delivery. Interprofessional healthcare education has emerged and is quickly gaining acceptance as the standard framework for educating healthcare professionals. Studies show that the traditional structure of educating a healthcare student in “silos” can lead to the development of assumed perceptions of their colleagues in other health professions (Ateah et al., 2011). Interprofessional healthcare education fosters the communication skills necessary for the student’s success in their chosen career path. In addition to the development and implementation of an interprofessional healthcare education seminar, the addition of an electronic medical record system to this seminar will add a layer of realism to the experience. Through the seminar, students will utilize modules of the electronic medical record system to complete documentation and tasks responsible of their job role while developing therapeutic care plans for weekly patient cases.

Implementing a simulated electronic medical record system for undergraduate and graduate interprofessional healthcare education.

Max Saber

Thesis Capstone, Northeastern University, 2014.